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Emergency Wedding Kit

Here is a list of some emergency items to have on hand for your Wedding Day!

* Allergy medicine
* Antacid
* Any Prescription Medications
* Aspirin (or pain reliever of choice)
* Baby powder
* Band-Aids
* Baby powder (also useful for getting out last-minute spills on a white dress)
* Black sharpie (mini one for the guys)
* Bobby pins
* Bottle of water
* Breath mints/spray
* Cellphone
* Chalk
* Chewing gum
* Clear nail polish to stop runs in hose
* Cold/allergy tablets
* Comb
* Contact lens solution
* Corsage pins
* Cotton balls/swabs
* Crackers
* Dental floss
* Deoderant
* Duct Tape
* Eye drops
* Extra buttons
* Extra copies of the directions to your reception
* Extra car keys!
* Extra cash
* Extra earring backs
* Feminine hygiene products: Tampons/pads
* Hairbrush
* Hair pins/ponytail holders
* Hair dryer
* Hair spray
* Hand lotion
* Hand towelettes
* Hem tape
* Instant glue/mini-stapler
* Lint remover
* Lip balm
* Makeup/eye shadow/mascara
* Make-up blotters/oil blotters
* Non-allergic makeup remover
* Matches
* Mini sewing kit
* Mouthwash
* Mosquito Repellent
* Nail glue/polish/remover/file/clippers
* Panty liners
* Pantyhose/dark socks (for groom and groomsmen)
* Phone numbers of your wedding professionals & your important personal ones
* Nasal Spray
* peppermints (combats bad breath AND jitters)
* Portable flashlight
* Safety pins
* Sanitizer
* Scotch tape
* Small scissors
* Smelling salts
* Snacks
* Spot Remover- shout wipes/Tide stick (not bleach pen tend to “yellow” white)
* Static-cling spray
* Sunblock
* Tissues
* Toothbrush & Toothpaste
* Throwaway camera (to take your own, personal wedding candids)
* Throwaway’ garter
* Towelettes
* Tweezers
* wet wipes
* Windex wipes
* Wrinkle-out spray

This sounds like a fairly extensive list, but, for the most part, these are items that you will have around the house. So, it shouldn’t take too long to assemble them. A fishing tackle box is a great way to store the items, so they can be retrieved quickly. Probably you won’t need any of the emergency items, but won’t it be nice, just in case!

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