Questions to Ask a Wedding or Party DJ Before You Hire Them

Questions to Ask a Wedding/Party DJ Before You Hire Them and “Our Answers”

♦ Is the DJ available?

Begin your conversation by indicating your name, the date, time, location and type of event.

♦ Are you experienced?

Yes. We have been performing all over the Carolinas since 1994.

♦ Is the disc jockey willing to meet with you for an interview before you hire them?

It is important that the DJ you choose be a professional who is willing to dedicate time and effort to your event. This commitment should start before any agreements are made, and a dedicated professional should be happy to meet with you to answer any questions.

A great deal of planning goes into having a great wedding. Your DJ should be just as committed to making your special day wonderful and be willing to meet with you at least one additional time prior to your wedding. The DJ should be available to discuss necessary details by telephone and email throughout the entire planning process.

♦ Do you offer a contract?

Absolutely. Our contract is straightforward and written in plain English so that you can understand the terms before signing. With our contract you can have a peace of mind knowing that there will be no surprises or hidden extra charges. We will also give you a copy of the contract for your records.

♦ How interactive are you as a DJ?

Whether you want a conservative DJ or an outgoing Interactive DJ, it’s your choice. By default, we’re only as interactive as necessary to keep your guest having an incredible time on the dance floor. Even at our most outgoing level, we still remain totally professional and not “Cheesy” or “Corny.” We do not take the spotlight from the guest of honor, but rather “enhance” your event with interactive activities. Simply put we are interactive in a “classy” way.

♦ How will you dress for my event?

It’s up to you! Normally, we wear a tuxedo for formal events. If you want us to wear something more casual, we can. We always make every reasonable attempt to accommodate your code of dress. For instance, if you want us to wear a costume for your costume party, we will. We will ask you what you want us to wear. It would look ridiculous for us to show up to a casual beach party in a tux, so let us know. Some options are Black Tuxedo, Black Suit, Shirt and Tie, “Business Casual,” golf style shirt, Hawaiian shirt and shorts or a giant gorilla suit. We do not charge extra for formal wear as opposed to casual (some DJs do, so be sure to ask)… but we will probably charge more for that gorilla suit idea.

♦ Do you have a reception planning form and can we meet with you in person before our wedding to discuss it?

Experienced wedding DJs have a Wedding Reception Planner to determine the timetable of events for your reception and the perfect song to accompany each event. Your DJ should be willing to schedule an appointment with you a few weeks before your wedding to finalize reception plans. Remember, your DJ is also your MC who will be coordinating all the events of your reception. The more your DJ understands about your preferences, the better job he will do.

♦ Are you licensed and insured?

We are licensed as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) by the state of North Carolina.We are fully insured by North Carolina Farm Bureau. We carry a $1,000,000 liability policy that will protect us and the customer in the event that the unthinkable occurs.

♦ Are you a member of any associations?

Although belonging to an organization or trade group does not guarantee the talent or professionalism of a disc jockey, it may indicate the companies willingness to network, learn and grow. Disc jockeys can learn through chapter meetings, national DJ conventions and seminars geared toward the entertainment professional. Booking a reliable Disc Jockey is a very important decision for the success of your party. Selecting a Disc Jockey who is an active member of the American Disc Jockey Association will provide you with the confidence that you have selected a trained professional. A.D.J.A. members are more likely to be involved with other Disc Jockey’s who can help them out with an unexpected situation.
We are proud members of the American Disc Jockey Association and the Greene County Chamber Of Commerce.

♦ Do you “sub-contract” out to other DJs?

Be aware that some DJ companies act as booking agencies that assign many DJs to functions they book. To avoid any last minute surprises, make sure that you have spoken with the person who will be performing at your function before you book the event. Don’t let your event be a training session for someone with little or no experience.We don’t use sub-contractors. We don’t depend on someone else to show up on time, with their equipment, their vehicle, and their music. We have it all, and it all leaves from our location.

♦ Will you make announcements if needed?

You bet. I am there to perform any master of ceremony duties and to keep the music and fun going.

♦ Do you take requests?


♦ Do you bring back up equipment?

Yes, I always bring it, but never have had to use it.

♦ What if you are unable to perform due to illness or an emergency?

Unfortunately, emergencies can happen. However, a good DJ will have a well-established back-up plan in place. In the unlikely event that illness or an emergency would prevent a DJ from performing, the DJ should take responsibility for securing a comparable replacement. A DJ should be a member of a professional DJ organization such as The American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA) whose members are always willing to assist a colleague. When asking your DJ this question, just be sure he has a plan to cover such situations. Stay away from the DJ who doesn’t.


Questions “Not” to Ask a Wedding/Party DJ

♦ ♦Can we come to a wedding to see you in action?

On the surface, this may seem like a reasonable request. Some DJ companies even claim they “have nothing to hide” and will invite their prospective clients to your wedding reception. However, most professional wedding DJs will not invite prospective clients to your wedding because they respect your privacy. It’s not an issue of trying to hide something. A wedding reception is a private event intended exclusively for you, your family and your friends. The last thing you want or need at your wedding is a group of strangers (a future bride and groom with a Mom and a friend in tow) opening the door and walking into a hushed ballroom as your best man begins his toast.

♦♦ How much do you charge?

This is the first question you should ask only if you are looking for the least expensive DJ you can find. Rates for wedding DJs can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. If all you want is someone to show up with a bunch of CD’s or an iPod and some speakers, then shop for price. Calling DJ’s just to ask how much they charge for a wedding is pointless unless you already know the quality of service they will provide. How much experience does the DJ have with weddings? How much time and effort will the DJ devote to planning and preparing for your wedding? How good is their equipment? How is their music library organized? How are their microphone skills? How accessible are they for planning?
A wedding DJ is a service, not a product. You usually get what you pay for. As a good rule of thumb, “Good DJs are not cheap and cheap DJs are not good”.

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